Thursday, January 22, 2009

The hunt is over! Err.....It's just begun!

Got the board into some nice barrels the past few days. Most of them you didn't make it out of, some of them you did.

This board has surpassed my expectations in every way. I literally would paddle into a wave, take off, and get start to get covered, just put the board on a rail and get further into the barrel than I could have imagined. Sometimes I would pop out. Many of my friends were telling me that some of the barrels I made looked impossible to make. I got sloshed on plenty of them, but ended up a lot further down the line than I thought I would be.

This board is FAAAAAAAAST. I can't say enough about it (although I will say more when I post a more detailed review when I get the pics from the previous session).

I rode it with some odd sidebites that probably weren't intended for the board's design, but they worked fine.

I'll post a pic of the sidebites I used, as well as a couple of me and Ryan Lovelace with the board. That'll have to do until I get the action shots in. And, contrary to the visual evidence, I am *NOT* four feet shorter than Ryan.